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The question of modelling portfolios takes up more of our time with potential applicants than any other subject. Weíve therefore waited for a slack period (!!) in order to put a few guidelines down to help those who are seeking to have some pictures taken. As the FAQ layout seems to be the flavour of the day for answering questions, this is what weíll use:



Q Can a friend with a nice new expensive camera take my portfolio pictures?

A Preferably not for several reasons. Whilst modern cameras are very clever, they have yet to design one that gives compositional skills to the photographer and an eye for a good shot. A model will rarely have a friend taking pictures in the course of a real assignment so this is a very artificial situation and itís best to start learning to work with a stranger behind the lens.

Q Iíve heard that you donít have to pay a photographer for a portfolio shoot?

A If you can find a photographer to do your shoot then go for it. If he / she makes a mess then at least you didnít pay for it.

Q Someone said to me that I need to piece my portfolio together from prints / CDROM for time shoots?

A Prints / CDROM for time session is a double edged sword. Find a good shoot and it will be well worth doing. With that said BEWARE of who you do the shoot with, where you go and what exactly YOU will be given from it. Check out the photographer first and donít expect them to cover your travelling expenses.

Q How much does a proper portfolio shoot cost? A friend had one recently and they even offered her 0% interest finance for her photos.They have some really cool pix of their waiting areas etc. and it looks really posh!

A If the shoot needed finance, the odds it was far too expensive. A real shoot with a proper studio will cost between £90 and £150   This should include copies of ALL the images taken for no extra cost. A posh waiting area has to be paid from out of the price you pay. Most of the smaller studios without all the trimmings  will offer a far better and infinitely cheaper portfolio shoot service.

Q How do I know if a studio is any good for taking my portfolio?

A First conduct a simply internet search with thair name and something like Ďscamí after it. If the word scam appears in the same heading as the studio then itís worth reading a bit further. Second, check out the site and look at the examples they put up on-line. We know of several Ďstudiosí weíd avoid like the plague (but clearly canít put their names down here) all of which will bring up results using the Ďscamí search technique.

Q Are you saying that an amateur cannot take portfolio pictures then?

A There are some very competant amateurs out there who take superb pictures. Unfortunately as most of your portfolio pictures will need to be taken in a studio environment, unless they have access to one of these then theyíre unlikely to be able to take all your pictures. By all means if they take a particularly good shot, feel free to use it in your portfolio.

Q Iíve read that you cannot have a modelling portfolio shoot with just one session?

A Rome wasnít built in a day and a model new to the industry has to start somewhere. They will find themselves automatically building their portfolio to add variety and better shots as they gain experience.

Q Do you recommend modelling studios where I can go to have some decent pictures taken?

A Yes we usually can but with caution. As businesses change their prices and service packages without warning, we have to carefully review who we might point you towards. With that said, we still recommend that you do the final checking out as to whether it seems to be offering you what you are looking for at the right price.

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