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If you are either a NEW or EXISTING model then PLEASE read this before applying to Hampshire Modelling Agency for representation.

We accept models of all experiences from the ‘newbie’ to the experienced model whose may be just moving into the Hampshire area. We have requirements for all ages too, as we handle the modest modelling requirements of small businesses up to the multi-model needs of some of our largest customers.

ALL models need a proper set of portfolio of pictures for us to represent them with. We will use these to advertise the model to our customers and they’ll be able to select the model or models that best suit their requirements. Contrary to some opinions, the agency does NOT pay for these.

A portfolio of pictures must show the model in various scenarios, styles of dress, with and without makeup, casual and smart etc. to fulfil a good range of possible future modelling situations.


As a ‘newbie’ model cannot possibly have the hundreds of pictures to make their choice from, like the experienced model with many shoots under their belts, they will need to go to a modelling studio who understands this and takes their first sent of pictures in a sympathetic manner. Thereby trying to ensure that the model has a good and varied cross-section of different pictures in the one session.


An experienced model will go to a modelling studio for a ‘top-up’ portfolio, where he or she will decide on the area of modelling they need more pictures for.

New models in particular should realise that how they handle their first shoot, their ability, looks,  following instructions, ideas of their own if asked, natural poses etc, is of paramount importance for successful  modelling in the future. We will therefore need to contact the photographer to ask how well the model performed during the shoot.


Hardly a day passes without us having a modelling submission accompanied by totally unsatisfactory pictures. With that said, we have absolutely no issues with someone sending us some casual shots for us to evaluate, as this is the sensible way to dip ones ‘toe in the water’. From these we will give an honest opinion as to whether (in our opinion) the person could make a go at having some proper pictures taken.

Unfortunately we are seeing an ever-increasing number of applicants who’ve been to one of what we call the ‘sausage factories’ for a so-called modelling shoot. Usually these things involve a make-over and should best be avoided if for no other reason, because of the collosal amount of money they’ll cost the model.


Almost always we find that the ‘photos taken at one of these large establishments are totally unsatisfactory for a number of reasons. Therefore if the model is to avoid such places then they could start off by following a few simple guidelines:

1) Are the website prices clear and visible? TOTAL prices that is, not a cheap-sounding shoot, then each ‘photo at another £50 - £75 EACH after that. No visible and clear prices means they have something to hide.

2) Were you ‘found’ by a ‘talent scout’? If you were, then the chances of it being a rip-off are almost 100% as the proper agencies DO NOT USE talent scounts as they have no need for them.

3) Is there pampering and a make-over thrown in? If yes then again, the odds are extremely high that you’re looking at a typical ‘sausage factory’ scenario.

4) Do they offer credit and easy terms? As above. A proper modeling studio will charge you a TOTAL of between £90 and £150 for the shoot AND ALL the pictures taken and not a penny more. If you see an interesting portfolio shoot offered by a business and the price is something like £250 then you’re sure to find that they’ll want even more to let you have copies of all the pictures taken.

5) Is a special web site included? Bog-standard run-of-the-mill identical looking web sites won’t impress anyone. Least of all an agency. The place is simply trying to justify the HUGE amount of money you are expected to spend for your shoot.



BEFORE  booking your portfolio shoot, feel free to ASK us for our advice on whether you’re about to be ripped off or whether you’re likely to come away with some good shots for your new portfolio. Remember that we already know the names of a lot of these places, but legally can’t put their names down here on-line.


Hampshire Modelling Agency

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